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The Region Rhythm Kings are Northwest Indiana's exciting new rhythm and blues band. Be sure to check out their live show - there's a whole different sound to it

From da region....

meet the Region Rhythm Kings.

Born in the blues and raised on R&B 

the Region Rhythm Kings bring a sound unlike any other band. With members knocking around the area in various bands over the years, the RR Kings have developed a unique sound all their own. From the true blues legends like BB King and Junior Wells to the R&B greats like Wilson Pickett and Bill Withers, the Region Rhythm Kings have put together a set list of songs by the masters of their respective genres. Come see a show that will leave you tapping to the beat and wanting to dance the night away!



Duane began playing guitar at the age of 17 and formed his first band in 1985.  He pursued classical studies at Vandercook College of Music in Chicago but quit due to lack of funds for tuition.  He played in countless bands in the Chicagoland area in the late 80's and early 90's.  He released one solo album on the Shakin' Bacon Records label but after the passing of his music sidekick and best friend, he was devestated to the point of selling all his instruments and gear, vowing to never play again.  20+ years later he now finds himself playing and singing in The Region Rhythm Kings.  #NeverSayNever

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Emerging back into the music scene after an almost ten year hiatus, Cory is now drumming for the Region Rhythm Kings. A self taught drummer, Cory grew up with influences in the death metal and hardcore genres but recently has made the switch to rhythm and blues after he was voluntold by his uncle they were going to start a blues band. Now he takes up the space in the back, to sit behind the kit, in the Region Rhythm Kings.

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Joe began his musical career at the age of 16 by playing original theatrical music with the band Vesuvius. After a few years on the musical scene, he decided to take a hiatus from music. At the age of 62 he returned, this time playing with the group The Knowbodyz. Joe played with them for two years and after their demise, he teamed up with Duane, Cory & Dave in the Region Rhythm Kings.

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From his first band, formed in 1976, Dave has spent his time rockin' the region in many different band incarnations. After some radio success with his song "I've got my eye on you from across the room" in 1979, Dave has since been writing music and playing in bands from heavy metal to pop to blues. Finally settling down in the genre that first inspired him, Dave found a home in the blues. He rounds out the Region Rhythm Kings sound with guitar and keyboards.

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